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2023 EXHIBITIONS/Books/Magazines


Botticelli International Prize, Borghese Palace, Florence, It.

Andakulova Gallery, Dubai

Docu Magazine, Finland 

Gallery 4 Percent, San Francisco, CA

Hummingbird & Dragonfly Art Gallery, Riverside, CA

Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, UK

· Art Fluent, Boston MA
· Art Room Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia
· Art Show International, Los Angeles, CA
· Artist Space Gallery, online
· Artist Talk Magazine, UK
· Artly Mix Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
· Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR
· Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
· Boomer Gallery, Tower Bridge, London, UK
· Art Cave, Zurich, Switzerland
· The Chateau Gallery, Louisville, KY
· Collex Arts, Portland, ME
· Cultural Center of Cape Cod, MA
· Dodho Magazine, Barcelona, Spain
· Exhibizone, Ottawa/Vancouver, Canada
· FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
· Fusion Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
· Gallerium Art, Ontario, Canada
· Gallery 4%, San Francisco, CA
· The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Scotland, UK
· Gormely Gallery, Maryland University, Baltimore, Maryland
· Grey Cube Gallery, online
· HMVC Gallery New York, NY
· The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK
· The Holy Art Gallery, The Factory, Shaklewell Gallery, London, UK
· The Holy Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
· The Holy Art on Loop, Amsterdam, Netherlands
· The Holy Art on Loop, Brussels, Belgium
· The Holy Art on Loop, Paris, France
· The Holy Art on Loop, Paros, Greece
· The Holy Art on Loop, Milan, Italy
· The Holy Art on Loop, New York, NY
· Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, UK – First Prize Winner
· Kavanagh Fine Line Creative Arts Gallery, St. Charles (Chicago), IL
· Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
· Light Space & Time Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
· Los Angeles Art Association, 825 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
· Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA
· Maryland Federation of Art Gallery, Annapolis, MD
· Motif Collective Photography Gallery, Fernandina, FL
· Naturalist Gallery, Columbia, Maryland
· New Jersey International Forum, Watchung, NJ
· New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYC4PA), New York, NY
· O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA
· Omnibus Gallery, Dresden, Germany
· One Eyeland Gallery, Chennai, India
· PH21 Photography Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
· Ph21/Kromart Gallery and Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams, Roma, Italia
· Ph21/Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
· PH21/Art 150 Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
· Pocket Star Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
· Prague International Art Exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic
· Praxis Photography Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
· Sasse art Museum, Pomona, CA
· SE Center for Photography, Greenville, S. Carolina
· Spotlight Magazine – Circle Arts, France
· TAG: The Artists Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
· TeraVarna Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
· Webster Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
· Wailoa Center, Hilo, Hawaii
· whitecube contemporary gallery, Chicago, IL
· Women United Art Movement, Prague, Czech Republic



68. Door of No Return, Mozambique, Exhibizone, Theme: Emptiness; Ontario, Canada, Dec 2022 Jan 2023.
69.Bird Skating on Sand, Biafarin Awards 2022, Ontario, Canada, Dec 2022 Jan 2023.
70.Tasmanian Tower, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Scotland, Monochrome Exhibition, 2023.
71. All the Blues of Greenland, Gallerium Art Exhibitions, AQUA 2022 Exhibit, Ontario, Canada, 2022.
72. Double Gen X, HMVC Gallery, New York, Group Show, Dec 2022.
73.Sheer Light and Splendid Sleep, Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD, Light and Shadow 2022 Exhibit, Curve Gallery, Dec Jan 2023.
74.Tasmanian Tower and Giants Playground Light Space & Time, Santa Fe/Missoula, Montana, 12th Annual Nature Art Exhibition, Dec 2022.
75.Chile Green Rope, Chan May Fragrant Greens, Gangkok Green House, Jutland Meadows, Lithuanian Frames, Sale Veggie Market, Art Room Gallery, online, GREEN Exhibition, Dec 2022.
76.Angel & Fire, Angel of the Sea, Banished Angel, TAG: The Artists Gallery, LA, CA, Exhibition: The Los Angeles Angel Dec 2022 Jan 2023.
77.Arrecife Abandoned, Praxis Photo Arts Center, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. Exhibition: Empty Places: Abandoned Spaces, Jan 21 Feb 4, 2023.
78.Patterns, Circle Within Circles, Artist Space Gallery, 1st Abstract Art Exhibition, Nov - Dec 2022.
79.Bagan Balloon, Ethiopian Palm, Motif Collective, Silhouettes Exhibit, Fernandina Beach, FL, Nov - Dec 2022
80.Tree Tops of Tikal, Steps of the Jungle, Grey Cube Gallery, Exhibit: Forests and Meadows Art Show, Dec 2022.
81.Pink Peony, Sublime Peony, Bucket of Pale Roses, Art Room Gallery, 1st Floral Art Exhibition, Dec 2022 Jan 2023.
82.Serenity at Sunrise, Banjul, HMVC Gallery New York, Theme: Hello Tomorrow, Group Show, Jan 2023.
83.Faded Blue Door, Yemen & Salt Flats of Bolivia, Grey Cube Gallery, Painting & Photography Art Show, Dec 2022.
84.Ripples & Birds, Arctic Blues, Los Osos Bay, Casting Color on the Sea, Vanishing Pools, Art Show International, LA, CA, 3rd Water Exhibition, Jan 2023.
85.Marigold Wall, Gorée; Memphis Blues Café; Red Boat, Yellow Reflections Udaipur, Art Room Gallery 6th COLOR Exhibition, Jan 2023.
86.Navajo Treasures, Tibetan Temple at Lake Yamdrok, View of Lanzarote, Wind Rolling Hills, Artist Space Gallery, 1st Landscapes Art Exhibition, online, Jan 2023.
87.Norwegian Arctic Cloud, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Landscape Exhibition, Mar 2023.
88.Female Monk, Ankor Thom, Cambodia, Glasgow Gallery Photo, Women Exhibit, Mar 2023.89.Happy Hollander, Exhibizone - Happiness 2022 Exhibit, Jan - Mar 2023.
90.Mother, Helper, Healer, Biafarin - Artistonish Magazine, 30th issue January 2023.
91.Green Curtains, Camaguey, Cuba, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, COLOUR 2023 Exhibit, Feb 2023.
92.LA Street Art Come To Me, One Eyeland Gallery, Jan 2023.
93.Deserted Tracks, Motif Collection, Minimalism Art Show, Jan 2022.
94.Women Awaken, Artist in Her Studio, Mother Helper Healer, Kavanagh Fine Line, Creative Arts Gallery, St. Charles, Il, Celebrating Women Exhibition, Feb 2023.
95.Bolivian Flamingo at Salt Flats, Giza Camel, Ankor Thom Mates, Darjeeling Darling, Art Show International, LA, CA, 6th Animal Exhibit, Jan Feb 2023.
96.Going Home, Shanghai; Jibla Girl Hello; Burmese Red Shirt Boy; Turban Prince; Taiz Orange Flower, Grey Cube Gallery, 2nd Portrait Art Show, Jan - Feb 2023.
97.Female Monk, Ankor Thom; Burmese Woman Smoking Cheroot, SE CENTER for Photography, Greenville, South Carolina, Women by Women Exhibition, Mar 2023.
98.Bent Stainless Steel, Burst of Clouds, Southern Comfort, Tasmanian Tower, Art Room Gallery, 6th Black & White Exhibition, Jan 2023.
99.Havana Shuffle, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Street Photography Exhibit, Apr 2023.
100. All You Need Is Love, HMVC NY Gallery, Paradise Pink Exhibit, Feb 2023.
101.Female Ankor Thom Monk, Double Me Blue, Boston, Light Space & Time Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, 12th Annual All Women Art Exhibition, Feb 2023.
102.Nosy Be Wanderlust, Madagascar, Webster Arts Center, Webster Groves (St. Louis) MO, Theme: Wanderlust, Feb 24-Mar 2023.
103.Sunlight in Café, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, Upside down Exhibition, Mar Apr 2023.
104.Follow Me, Sand Shadows, Grey Cube Gallery, 4th Abstract Exhibition, February 2023.
105. Yin & Yang of Lamu, Lady of Cartegna, Double Vision Boston, Contemplation in Lalibella, Art Show International, 5th Figurative Exhibition, Feb 2023.
106. Black Peony and Water Lily, Artist Space Gallery, 1st Botanical Exhibition, Feb 2023.
107.Sheer Light and Coffee Shop, Wailoa Center for Akamai Arts in Kona, Hawaii Island Art Alliance Board of Directors, Hilo, Hawaii, Light and Shadow: A Black and White Photography Exhibit, Mar 2023.
108.Tasmanian Tower, Praxis Member Showcase Exhibition, Mar Apr 2023, Minneapolis, MN.
109.Tombo Penguin Love, Exhibizone, Ontario, Canada, LOVE 2023 Exhibit, Feb 14 Mar 2023.
110.Contemplating Self, Boston &LA Street Art Come to Me, Art Room Gallery, 6th OPEN Exhibit, Feb 2023.111.Spitsbergen Glazier, One Eyeland Gallery, Feb 2023.
112. Corn Stand, Istanbul, Motif Collective, Street, Mar 2023.
113.Coffee Shop, Black Box Gallery, Framed: Shadow and Light Exhibit, Portland, OR, Mar 2023.
114.St. Martin Hole LAX Term, Sand Shadows Behind Screen, Echo Park, Follow Me, Art Show International, 8th Abstract Exhibit, LA, CA, Feb - Mar 2023.
115. Coy Ufra Veil, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Personality: Contemporary Portraiture, Apr May 2023.
116. Bolivia Salt Flats Sacred Vicuña, Durban Aldo Elephants, Fearing Komodo Dragon, I see You in Addo, Parancas Sea Lions, Playful Chengdu Pandas, Turkmenistan Herd, Grey Cube Gallery, Animal 4th Exhibition, Mar 2023.
117. Streets of Little Italy and Festivals in the City, Light Space & Time Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; 13th Cityscapes Exhibit, Mar 2023.
118. Contemplating Self, Blue, HMVC Gallery New York, Women Group show, Mar 2023.
119. Am I blue? LA Street Art Follow Me, Rain Double Gen X, Sunlight in Café, The Holy Art Art on Loop New York, in NYC Arts Gallery, Tribeca, New York, Oct 2023.
120. Havana Shuffle, LA Street Art - Come to Me, The Holy Art Gallery, Art on Loop Europe, Amsterdam July 2032; Brussels July 2023; Paris July - Aug 2023.
121.LAX Terminal, Mexican Shadows, PH21 Gallery (Budapest) at Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, Mar 2023.
122.Sheer Light, Marigold Wall Gorée Senegal, Lenzini's Coffee Shop, 1st Biennel International Exhibit, Prague International Art Exhibition, Capek Hall, Czech Republic, May - June 2023.
123.Am I Blue Boston, Italian Stripes Blue, Artist Space Gallery, BLUE Exhibit, Mar 2023.
124. Omani Arches and Caretaker, SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC, Architecture Exhibition, May 2023.
125. NYC Times Deli, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, URBAN Exhibition, May 2023.
126. Am I Blue, Tired, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yamouth, MA, Art and Poetic Text Exhibition, April 2023.
127. London Cauldron of Flowers, HMVC Gallery NYC, Flower Power! Exhibition, April 2023.
128. Marina Sands Singapore, South Beach Tangle, Light Space & Time Gallery, 14th Abstracts, April 2023.
129. Marigold Wall Gorée, Senegal & Seville Bar Awnings Art Room Gallery, YELLOW, Apr 2023.
130. Exhibizone - Diversia Earth 2023, Honoring Earth Day;
131.Save the Sea Life, Gallerium Art, Ontario, Apr - May 2023.
132. "Ethiopian Holy Light," Praxis Photo Ct., MN, May-June 2023.
133. "Meet Me in Seattle,"Motif Collective Seattle, Reflections, April 2023.
134. "Happy Hollander, Lipstick, Girl from Jibla" Art Room, 5th Portrait, April 2023.
135." Return to Asia: Marina Sands, Return to Asia: Cubes, South Beach Tangle, Blue Louver" Teravarna Gallery, LA, 7th OPEN, April-May 2023.
136. "Empty Getty Arches, and Saddam's Deserted Halls" PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Silence, June 2023.
137. "Ice Cubes," HMVC Gallery NY, Abstract as Abstract, May 2023.
138. Boys Are Back Papa (N. Guinea), LACP: Thresholds: Street Photography NOW, May 2023.
139. "Marina Sands Sings, South Beach Sing Tangle," Boomer Gallery, London, Walking with Giants, May 2023.
140. "Dreaming in Varanasi" (finalist) Dodho Magazine, Barcelona, Portrait Photography Awards 2023 & Book, June 2023.
141. "Marina Sands, Sings" - 2nd Pl Photo;" South Beach Tangle" Finalist, Fusion Art: 8th Artists Choice May 2023.
142. South Beach Tangle, Hotel Higuera, Rolling Stones Lounge (3 HM awards), Grey Cube Gallery: Colors Art Show May 2023.
143."Frankincense Seller, Salalah," Blank Wall Gallery, Athens: Portraits, June 2023.
144. "Coffee Shop," Motif Collective, Black & White 2023, April 2023.
145. "Am I Blue Tired, Echo Park Reflections, Reflecting Barcelona, Ripples of Venice, Seattle Melting," The Holy Art Gallery: May-June 2023.
146. "Banks of Charleston, Windmills, Cactus, Tufa, Lanzarote," PH21: scapes - Barcelona, June 2023.
147. "Green Shutters, Green Wave, Green Tarp, Greens Sale Market Burma, Cuban La Luz Green Walls." Grey Cube: Green, May 2023.
148. "Butchart Garden, Vancouver," Exhibizone: Gardenia June 2023.
149. "Japan ReOpens Kokusai St., Okinawa," Black Box: Color Burst, June 2023.
150. "Spitsbergen Glazier Norway, Patch of Greenland, Giants Playground," Teravarna: 7th Landscape 3 Hon Mentions, June 2023.
151. "Stage at Chengdu and Portala Door Reimagined," PH21: Significant Colour, June-July 2023.
152. "Sudanese Prince, Green Eyed Merchant of Mukalla, Man from Bhaktaphur," Artist Space Gallery: 1st FACES, May 2023.
153. "Carthage Stairway, Bent Stainless Steel, Let There Be Light, Circle in Circles," Art Room Gallery: GREY, May 2023.
154. "Home #3," HMVC Gallery NY, HOME, June 2023.
155. "Coffee Shop, and Street Art Saipan, Al's Store," O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley (Marin County): In Sight - Photograph Exhibition, May-June 2023.

156. LAX 824, & Chicago Cultural Circles, Fusion Gallery, 5th Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM, June 7 Sept 23, 2023, Awarded Artistic Excellence award for LAX 824 and finalist for Chicago Cultural Circles.
157. Griegs Paradise Troldhaugen, Grey Cube Gallery, 4th Landscape Exhibit, June 2023. Finalist.
158. Sunrise at Mazatlan, Motif Collective Gallery, Sunrise and Sunset Exhibit, , Theme Winners: Finalist, June 2023.
159. Fruit Basket, Honorable Mention, Mimis Feast, Finalist, Fusion Art, Santa Fe, NM, 4th Still Life Art Exhibition, June 15 September 14, 2023.
160. "Arrecife Abandoned," Los Angeles Art Association presents SPECIMEN Exhibition, July 8 to 28, 2023, Los Angeles, CA. Juror Kassandra Voyagis.
161. Charlotte in Berlin, Teravarna Art Gallery, Los Angeles, 9th Abstract Exhibition, June 2023, TALENT Award.
162. Peach Satin Pedals, Water Lily, White Black Peony, Grey Cube Gallery, 4th Botanicals Art Show, June 2023, 3 Honorable Mention Awards.
163.The Day Gas Died, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Theme: Abandoned, October 4-29, 2023, in gallery.
164. Italian Stripes Blue, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Theme: BLUE, October 4-29, 2023, in gallery.
165. Japan ReOpens #16, Let There Be Light, Molten Light, Artist Space Gallery, 1st YELLOW Exhibit, June-July 2023, 3 winners.
166. Broad Eye, Patterns, Hermitage Royal Elegance, Spiral Snail, Mulberry Worms Uzbek, Art Room Gallery, Textures & Patterns Exhibit, July 2023, 5 Honorable Mention Awards
167. Summer Fest from Copa to Carib, HMVC Gallery New York, Theme: Summer Feels, July 1- 31, 2023. Times Square Big Screen showing, Saturday, July 15, 2023.
168. Amsterdam Tulips, Teravarna Art Gallery, LA, 6th FLOWERS exhibit, July 2023. Honorable Mention Awards.
169. Lenzinis American Coffee Shop, & On the Road Route 66, TAG (The Artists Gallery), Los Angeles, CA, Made in the USA: Freedom of Expression, opening reception: in gallery July 26 August 11, 2023. Juror: Scott Yeskel. Catalog.
170. Orange Reflection (3rd Place), Ethiopian Sunset, and Sherbet Skies, 2 Finalist. Fusion Art Gallery, 7th SKIES exhibit, July 7 Oct. 6, 2023.
171. Branches Across Tokyo Art Center, PH21 Gallery; Theme: The natural and the artificial PH21 Gallery Exhibition in ART150 Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, August 5-27, 2023.
172. Time Immemorial, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, Theme: TIME, August 24 Sept 16, 2023.
173. Another Time, Another Place, SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC, Theme: FORGOTTEN, Sept 1 30, 2023. Juror Paula Tognarelli, catalog.
174. Havana Shuffle, PRAXIS Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, Theme: STREETS, Aug. 19 Sept. 2, 2023, Juror: Robi Chakraborty. catalog.
175. Hangzhou River, Moisture, all the Blues of Greenland, Grey Cube Gallery, online Theme: WATERS, July 2023, 3 Honorable Mention Awards.
176. Havana Shuffle, LA Street Art - Come to Me, The Holy Art Gallery, Art on Loop Europe - Amsterdam July 20-22, in gallery on Big Digital Screens.
177. Havana Shuffle, LA Street Art - Come to Me, The Holy Art Gallery, Art on Loop Europe - Paris July 30-Aug 1, 2023, in gallery on Big Digital Screens.
178. Twins in the Alley, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, in main gallery, Exhibition: Vision: Black & White, August 2023, Catalog.
179. Women United Art Movement, Artistic Directory, accepted July 2023.
180. Echo Park Reflection, Endless California Summer, Waikiki Silhouette, The Holy Art on Loop, Paros, Greece, Aug 11-14, 2023.
181.Rio Tram Wall 2, The Holy Art Gallery, Art on Loop Europe Milan, Italy, September 1-3, 2023, in gallery on big screens.
182.Twins in the Alley 1 & 2 One Eyeland Gallery, Best of the Best 2023 Book, 2023.
183. Echo Park Reflections, Artist Talk Magazine vol #27, UK, September 2023, p. 101.
184. Eggs & Peanuts Cambodge and Man from Bhaktaphur, Grey Cube Gallery, Exhibit: 4TH FACES Art Show, online, July 2023, 2 Honorable Mention Awards.
185. On the Road Route 66, HMVC Gallery, NYC, Aug 1-31, 2023.
186. Summer St. Lucia, & Blue Ice Café Greenland, Light Space & Time Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, 5th Primary Colors, August 1 31, 2023. Special Merit and Special Recognition Awards (Photo & Digital).
187. Ancient Benin Waters, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, TRAVEL Exhibit, September 22 October 4, 2023.
188 . Fortuneteller, PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery, Budapest, Theme: Portraits Beyond Faces, September 21 October 14, 2023.
189. Hiroshima Screen, Charlotte in Berlin, LAX Terminal, Twins in the Alley 1, Artist Space Gallery, Theme: Grey Art Exhibition, online, 78 artworks, winner, August 2023.

190. Costa Rica Rain Green on Green, Hangzhou River Trees, Burmese Greens Salé, Art Room Gallery, online, August 2023. 70 artworks, 3 Honorable Mentions.

191. Ethiopian Lalibela Vendors, Talent Prize Cash Award, Wash Day in Gambia, Togo Voodoo, Female Monk Ankor Thom, Bananas for Sale in Lome, Indonesian Mother and Child, 5 Honorable Mention Awards, Boys Are Back New Guinea, finalist, Teravarna Art Gallery, 6th Figurative Exhibit, August 2023.
192. Tasmanian Tower, New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA Gallery), New York, NY, Theme: ONE 2023, August 2023, Juror: Paula Tognarelli, Honorable Mention Award, Catalog.

193. Sacred Scratched Heart, Praxis Photo Center, Found Objects, September 16-30, 2023. 

194. American Coffee Shop & Female Monk Ankor Thom, Women United ART MOVEMENT: STRONGER TOGETHER, Summer 2023 Directory Artists Group Exhibit, Czech Rep., Virtual & Catalog, August 18 - September 18, 2023.
195. Fancy French Pastries, Local Veggies, Picnic Lake Titicaca, What’s in the Frig? Spices & Teas Turkish Bazaar, Grey Cube Gallery, online, August 2023.
196. Moisture, Ice & Rumbling Sea, Teravarna Art Gallery, Los Angeles, 4th WATER Exhibit, August-September 2023, 2 Honorable Mentions.
197. Babylon Vanishes Iraq, Burmese Water Buckets, Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Inc., ACCI Gallery, WATER IS SACRED in gallery, Berkeley, CA, September 1 – October 8, 2023.
198. Ethiopian Holy Light, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Theme: Shadow & Light, December 2-23, 2023, in gallery.
199. The Day Gas Died, The Chateau Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky, Exhibit: Lost and Found, Sept. 1 - Oct. 1, 2023. Vincent Gorlami, Director.
200. Lion Knocker, Swimming Fishes, Moisture, Art Room Gallery, Exhibit: 3rd BLUE, Aug – Sept 2023, 122 artworks, 3 Honorable Mentions.
201. Gallerium (Biafarin), Light, Shadow and Reflection, Ontario, Canada, October 2023.
202. Cartier-Bresson Inspired, HMVC Art Gallery New York, September 1 -30, 2023, Theme: INFLUENCE. Times Square big screens, every Saturday September 2-30, 2023.
203. Bali Waters, Hiroshima Screen, Moisture, Grey Cube Gallery, Theme: Monochrome, September 2023, 3 Merit Awards.
204. Hiroshima Screen & Shanghai Portal, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Theme: Monochrome, October 19 – November 11, 2023.
205. Quebecois” (Honorable Mention), Velvet Iris Tongue, Fusion Gallery, Santa Fe, Theme: 9th Leaves & Petals, September 5- October 4, 2023.
206. American Coffee Shop and Marigold Wall, Gorée, Senegal, Spotlight Magazine (Circle Arts Foundation Press, France/Greece), Vol. 35, October 2023.
207. Twins Alley, Riomaggio Blue Door, Colorful Tops of Gorée, Senegal, Artist Space Gallery, 2nd Color Exhibit, September 2023.
208. Brilliant Glass and Paris Rouge, TeraVarna Art Gallery, LA, September 2023, Theme: 6th COLOR – juried International, 2 Honorable Mention Awards.
209. Women in Art, Open Exhibit 1st International, September 2023.
210. Bursting Palm Skies, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, Theme: NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY, Oct. 20 – Nov 1, 2023.
211. South Beach Tangle (Honorable Mention), Words Collage – Life Love & Art, Fusion Art Gallery, 6th Women Artists,New Mexico, Sept 20 – Dec 14, 2023.
212. Another Time, Another Place; Atget’s Paris Café in the Past, Artly Mix Cultural Space, NOSTALGIA Exhibit, Oct 21 – Nov 7, 2023.
213. Brilliant Color, Marigold Wall Gorée, Omnibus Gallery Dresden, COLORFUL, Oct 1 -31, 2023.
214. Le Twins in Alley and Shadows, Grey Cube Gallery, 3rd Yellow Exhibit, September 2023, 2 Honorable Mentions.
215. Greenland’s Red House,” Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Theme: RED, January 6 – 31, 2024, in gallery 279-281 High Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
216. ICE & HEAT #3, Juror’s Selection, New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYCPA), New York, NY, Juror: Darren Ching, October 2023.
217. Eggs in Basket and Perfect Double Orbs, PH21 Photography Gallery, Budapest, Theme: SHAPE, November 16 – December 9, 2023.
218. Young Boy White Scarf and Ethiopian Thinker, Art Room Contemporary Gallery, online, Theme: 4th Faces, 2 Honorable Mentions.

219. Dessert Triptych, HMVC Art Gallery, NYC, Theme: The Sweet Life, October 1-31, 2023. In Times Square on Big Screens.
220. Banished Angel on Fire and Barbie Series: Paris Rouge, whitecube contemporary gallery, Chicago, IL, Theme: RED, October 16 – November 17, 2023.
221.“Framed Red Turbin in Rankapour,” (Honorable Mention) and “Balancing Jaipur,” (Finalist), Fusion Art Gallery, New Mexico, 9th Figures & Faces, online, October 2023.
222. American Coffee Shop,” TERAVARNA at Superfine Art Fair, at Magic Box LA, DTLA, Los Angeles, October 12-15, 2023, 60 global artists, 1933 S. Broadway St., LA 90007.
223. Cartier-Bresson Inspired,” Las Laguna Art Gallery 577 S. Coast Highway A-1 Laguna Beach, CA 92651, Theme: 2023 - FLASH POINT (Photography Exhibition), November 2 – 30, 2023.
224. “Prayers at Angkor Wat,” Gallerium Gallery (Biafran), Ontario, Canada, Theme: Spirituality, October 15 – December 15, 2023, online and book – Gallerium – Book of Arts.
225. Enter Kasbah Fez, Twins in Alley, Motif Collective Gallery, Florida, Theme: Symmetry, October 2023. 2 Short Listed.
226) Lyrical, SE Center for Photography, Greenville, S Carolina, Theme: Part 2 Contemporary Landscape, November 2-30, 2023.
227) Twisted at Angkor, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, Theme: Framed: Trees and Water, November 1 – 20, 2023.
228) Barbie Career Girl, Barbie Fashion Designer in Paris, PH21 Photography Gallery, Budapest, Theme: Dolling Up the Lens: Barbie, December 14 – January 6, 2024.
229) Ladies of Kyrgyzstan, Gallery 4% San Francisco, CA, Theme: 1st FACES & FEATURES, juried online, October 2023. Winner: Distinction.
230) Cloud Over Greenland, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, Theme: Landscape, November 24 – January 6, 2024. In Gallery.
231) “Pink Powder Puff,” and “Regal Peonies,” Grey Cube Gallery, Theme: 3rd FLORAL Art Show, online October 2023.
232) “Barbie Series: Paris Rouge,” HMVC Art Gallery, NYC, Theme: Vibrant Visions, November 2023. Photographed my original 1959-60 Barbie Doll with all her wardrobe and my Paris photographs as background.
233) “Fierce Komodo Dragon,” Gallery 4 Percent, San Francisco, Theme: Living Breathing (Animal), November 2023. Juried. Distinction Award. "Your creativity stood out among the thousands of entries we received, and we are delighted to confer upon you this well-deserved recognition."
234)“LAX Terminal Gallery,” and “Charlotte in Berlin,” Art Room Gallery, Theme: lst Monochrome, November 2023, 77 works. 2 Honorable Mention Awards.
235) “American Coffee Shop, Barbie Paris Fling, Brilliant Color Bits, Cartier Bresson Insp, Memphis Coyote Ugly,” The Holy Art Gallery, London, The Factory in gallery/on big 27” screens, Theme: Best American Artist, December 1 – 31, 2023. Live 7 pm Dec. 1.
236) Professional Single Category – Abstract, Winner: Karen Safer, “Marina Sands;” Architecture & Interiors, Winner: Karen Safer, “Omani Arches Caretaker,” Honorable Mentions: “Charlotte in Berlin, Cartier-Bresson Inspired Melk, Sheer Italian Light;” Fine Art: Honorable Mention, “Hiroshima Screen;” Street Photography: Honorable Mention, “Havana Shuffle;” Non-Professional Series: Abstract Honorable Mention, “Heat & Ice #1-6;”Culture & Daily Life, Series”  21st Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women, York, England, UK, Hosted byFotoNostrum, Mediterranean House of Photography in Barcelona & the Worldwide Photography GALA Awards, April 2024. 2 pro Winner Awards & 5 Honorable Mentions, 2 non-pro Series Awards (12) 19 images and awards total. All images of the category winners will be published in FotoNostrum Magazine during 2024. Jurors Julio Hirsch-Hardy and Gallery Team.